©2017-2019 by DRK MTTR


Many works of speculative fiction have explored the idea that what we consider "reality" may not be real at all. We may exist in a simulation, a manufactured environment in which we are controlled, where things like freedom, freewill, or choice are illusory. This is an evolution of the existential ponderings that have occupied the minds of philosophers since the proposition "cogito ergo sum" or "I think therefore I am." 


If our universe is nothing more than a computer program and destiny is a set of algorithms, then DRK MTTR is a glitch in the program--a virus designed to crash the system. Most of our media today serves to collectively function as a giant neon billboard telling us "Don't Panic," and "Everything is Fine." Distraction and escapism are cleverly packaged, marketed, and mass consumed.


We all happily indulge seeking to silence that faint voice telling us that something isn't right. DRK MTTR, through music and other mediums, will amplify that voice. We are the command prompt to ESC + CTRL.  The music we make is a frequency that will disrupt the signals that are meant to brainwash. We interrupt your regularly scheduled PROGRAMMING...

The Revolution will be Digitized.